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We may be laid back hipsters that would rather be out cruising the Pacific Coast Highway with our shades on and the top down, but we also like to pen a thought or two once in awhile. So we started blogging and you know what? We. Love. It. Now we do it as often as we can, and feel the connection with you - our customers - all the more. But it took us a few stumbles along the way, and we learned some best practices about writing posts. So just in case you want to follow in our sand-filled footsteps and start your own blog, here are our best tips:

Write content that’s easy to read

When writing your content, consider these tips for making the content easier (and more fun) to read:

  • Break out content into smaller sections and short paragraphs to make it easier for users to read on a screen.
  • Use bullet lists (like this one!) to quickly get multiple points across.
  • Add illustrations, photos and graphics to make your topic easier to understand.
  • Entice users to read your content with intriguing and clever headlines that also make it clear how the blog article will help them.
  • Consider featuring customers or other companies that you admire in your blog posts and embed their social profiles in your blog posts. You can also tag these profiles when you post your blog article links to social media to gain additional distribution.

Don’t neglect your blog!

Once you decide to start blogging, try to publish content on a regular basis; don’t just post once in a blue moon. You may want to do an initial brainstorm of possible topics and then set up a schedule for those with potential, so that you’re never scrambling for ideas at the last minute when you realize it’s been ages since you posted anything.

In order to gather followers and stay top-of-mind with your actual and potential customers, it’s important to keep publishing useful content that they can turn to regularly for insights, news and advice. And don’t forget to promote any new blog posts on your social media channels, to help your blog (and therefore your shop) reach as many eyes as possible. For more blogging tips, check out this awesome post.

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