• EC90 Aero55 Disc Wheel

EC90 Aero55 Disc Wheel

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The EC90 Aero55s bring the aero to your everyday, helping you focus your preparation without losing a beat. No longer will you need to swap wheels out between training rides and races – this wheelset does it all.

Featuring our proven Aero Fantom rims laced to the new Vault hubs, this lightweight wheelset offers excellence to riders wanting to test their mettle on the start line with the wheels they’ve been training on all season. You’ll still be able to run your favorite tires without losing aero advantage on the tubeless-ready rims with widths optimized for stability in crosswinds. And now with the Vault hub’s durable bearing design, and fast engagement, you can be ready to excel year round. With the EC Carbon Confidence 2-year no-questions-asked guarantee, tool-free swappable end-caps for all major axle standards, as well as five extra straight-pull Sapim spokes (included with our rear wheels), your EC90 Aero55 wheels will run true for years to come.

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Product Features


EC90 SL Carbon Rims:
EC90 SL Carbon Rims
Fantom Rim Profiling:
Fantom Rim Profiling
Vault Center Lock Road Disc Hub:
Vault Center Lock Road Disc Hub
12mm, 15mm, and QR tool-free endcaps available:
12mm, 15mm, and QR tool-free endcaps available
Tubeless Ready:
Tubeless Ready
Sapim Straight Pull Spokes:
Sapim Straight Pull Spokes
Oversize shipping fees may apply:
Oversize shipping fees may apply
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