• Vault J-Bend Front Hub
  • Vault J-Bend Front Hub
  • Vault J-Bend Front Hub
  • Vault J-Bend Front Hub
  • Vault J-Bend Front Hub
  • Vault J-Bend Front Hub

Vault J-Bend Front Hub

Regular price $214.99

The super fast engagement of Vault, now available for your custom wheel builds. Available in Boost and non-Boost, multiple axle standards and Shimano or XD cassette bodies. An oversized hub shell increases torsional and lateral stiffness and proven 6902 bearings were selected due to their large ball diameter and durability. A 60 tooth drive ring alternately engages six double tooth pawls, giving you 3° engagement for near-instant power transfer. Wide bearing placement was designed to decrease load on the bearings, improving lifespan. Protecting these internals are low-drag labyrinth seals designed specifically for the Vault hubs. Finish it off with tool-free endcap swaps and you have a hub that not only moves faster, but adapts faster.

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Product Manuals

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Product Features

  • Available in 5 colours.
  • J-Bend spoke compatible.
  • Boost and Non-Boost Options.
  • Shimano or XD Cassette Body Available.
  • 6 Pawls with 2 Teeth Each.
  • 120 Points for 3 of Engagement.
  • Tool free endcaps.


Black, Orange, Purple, Dark Blue, Silver
15X110 Boost, 15X110 Torque Cap, 15X100, 15X100 Torque Cap, 20X110, 20X110 Boost, 9X100QR
177G Front, 305G Rear (Lightest Configuration)
32, 28
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